Msgr. Woorts, Archbishop Eijk, Msgr. Bacque and Msgr. Hoogenboom


Yesterday, ten days before they are consecrated to bishop and become the two auxiliaries of the archdiocese of Utrecht, Msgr. Herman Woorts and Msgr. Ted Hoogenboom made their professio fidei, their oath of loyalty to the Apostolic See. 

Msgr. François Bacqué (there he is again) concelebrated the Mass and said, “The Netherlands, but France as well [Msgr. Bacqué is French] are mission countries these days. A bishop must bring salvation in communion with the entire world Church – you will become part of the teaching authority in communion with the pope, in fellowship with the episcopate and especially with the archbishop.” 

The consecration will take place on 13 February. There is no news yet about the identity of the two co-consecrators needed in addition to the archbishop. 

Photo credit: Press service Archdiocese Utrecht.

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