Habemus Episcopum

The Latin in this post’s title is probably quite incorrect, but that hardly matters. What does matter is that we finally, after six months, have a new bishop!

Monsignor Gerard de Korte, formerly assistant bishop in the Archdiocese Utrecht will succeed Bishop Eijk in our neck of the woods. He’s been a likely candidate ever since Eijk left for Utrecht, but his name was sort of snowed under as other likely candidates were discussed. But he got the appointment nonetheless. Since Mgr. De Korte is already a bishop, we won’t be seeing a bishop’s ordination in the cathedral just yet (better luck next time), though.

I’ve never met the new bishop, but attended a Mass he offered in Leeuwarden a few months ago. His homily was very good, and he apparently is rather intelligent himself. It’s good news alround, I’d say.

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