The A-Team film trailer leaked

The first trailer for the upcoming A-Team movie has been leaked. You can check it in low resolution here. I didn’t know they were as far as casting it, let along that trailers had been produced. Anyway, check it here.

It stars Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith and some actors I don’t know as the B.A., Murdock and Face. I like that they kept the premise of the show: soldiers who were wrongly convicted, escaped and are now soldiers of fortune (or ‘for hire, as the trailer says). Wat I don’t like is the narration of the trailer! Compared to the series’ voiceover this doesn’t sound nearly as manly (or perhaps 80s) – it takes all the oomph out of the lines.

Anyway, who knows how this’ll turn out. Some things look a bit too clean (the orange sportscar looks like it came straight out of a Michael Bay film), but Murdock sure sounds his mad self. I just hope that no one dies in all the explosions and car crashes: that never happened in the series. Cars were riddled with bullets, crashed, flip over five times and exploded, and the driver would get out afterwards with some soot on his face, his hair dishevelled and perhaps one or two bruises.

Translation available

The Dutch translation of Msgr. Marini’s lecture on the liturgy is now available here.

Edit: I’ve just realised I accidentally left out the fourth chapter of the lecture, about active participation. An important topic, and integral to a discussion of the liturgy of the Mass. That section should be added later this afternoon.

Edit 2: The missing paragraph has been added.