In the name of the Church

The Catholic World Report features an interesting interview with Francis Cardinal Arinze, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship and considered by many to be papabile, a likely cardinal to become pope. In this interview, the cardinal speaks about the new liturgical translations in English, and other topics related to the ‘reform of the reform’.

Since work has begun on a new translation of the Dutch missal as well, I think this is relevant to the Church in the Netherlands and Flanders as well. That is why I provide a translation. Getting that translation on the blog cost me far more time than it should have, because the problems between Word and WordPress are seemingly insurmountable. It basically comes down to lots of invisible coding messing up the layout. But I managed to produce a text with proper layout by copying and pasting paragraphs one by one.

I like WordPress, but finding an answer to a problem is very difficult.