Sort of new widget

To the left is a new info box, specifically for the benefit of any Dutch or Belgian readers who are interested in my translations. As long as the list of texts doesn’t get too long, I’ll keep it there, although the ‘translation’ tab above will also remain. I’m happy to have received some encouraging remarks about these translations and that, coupled with my continued opinion that texts like these should be as readily available in Dutch as possible, has prompted to emphasise them a bit more. The new box saves all of one extra click, after all.


Love and marriage, the Catholic way

Two days ago, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Pontifical Council for the Family, who are currently in their 19th Plenary Assembly. Read the text of the address here, courtesy of Zenit. Here is the Dutch translation.

It’s not a deeply theological discourse or anything like that, but it does contain a few thoughts on marriage, family and the education of children. It’s some basic Catholic thought on the matter, explained through references to Pope John Paul II’s exhortation Familaris Consortio from 1981.