Impressions of St. Joseph

I took the chance to snap some photos of the interior of the cathedral today, having some extra time to spend in the afternoon. Here’s a small impression:

The sanctuary with an open tabernacle. My friend Inge had to snap some photos for a brochure about the sacrality of the church, to be handed out when there are concerts.
The great crucifix over the sanctuary
In the choir loft someone plays the organ for an otherwise empty church.
One of the many stained glass windows in the cathedral. This one shows Christ as the good shepherd.
The coats of arms of the current and previous bishops of the diocese. Johannes Knijff (1559-1576), Petrus Nierman (1956-1969), Johann Möller (1969-1999), Wim Eijk (1999-2008) and Gerard de Korte (2008-)

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