In context

Fr. Federico Lombardi SJ

Since the issue of abuse in Catholic institutions keeps on raging and escalating, I think it’s good to share some recent publications about it. On Saturday the Holy See press office released this statement, reiterating and defending the measures taken by the German bishop’s conference to deal with the issue, the Church’s standing canonical regulations about sexual abuse, and one specific issue very close to the pope.

Father Federico Lombardi SJ, head of the press office, also refers to an interview by Msgr. Charles J. Scicluna, which is available here.

Both texts are quite informative, and the interview specifically allows for the current problems (and let’s not forget that these refer to things that happened at least 30 years ago, in general) to be seen in a broader context.

I’m working on a translation into Dutch of both texts, and will link to them here when they’re ready.

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