Cardinal Newman to be beatified by the pope, officially announced

Numerous bloggers, especially those in the UK, have reported the news of the formal announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK from 16 to 19 September. There is an extensive website about the visit, offering all the details and then some. 

Anna Arco has some comments from Keith Cardinal O’Brien, archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, and Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster. 

John Henry Cardinal Newman, painted by W.W. Ouless in 1879

American Papist, lastly, focusses on the great news that Pope Benedict XI will personally beatify Cardinal Newman in Birmingham.  

From the Very Rev. Richard Duffield, Provost of the Birmingham Oratory and Actor of the cause of John Henry Newman come these words: 

The Fathers and many friends of the English Oratories are delighted by the official announcement that our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will beatify our founder, the Venerable John Henry Newman, in the Archdiocese of Birmingham during his visit to Britain in September. Newman made his home in the Archdiocese for all his adult life, first in Oxford, where he lived as an Anglican and was received into the Catholic Church, and later in Birmingham itself where he founded and worked in the Birmingham Oratory for over forty years. 

The Holy Father’s life-long devotion to Newman has made a profound contribution to understanding the depth and significance of our founder’s legacy. His decision to beatify Newman in person confers a unique blessing upon the English Oratories and all who have drawn inspiration from Newman’s life and work. 

The soon-to-be Blessed John Henry Newman also has a place in the banner at the top of my blog (he is the second from the right), since I consider him a great teacher, both knowledgeable and pastoral, especially for our often difficult times.


Message for the 25th World Youth Day

On 28 March, the 25th annual World Youth Day will be held on the diocesan level. Unlike the more visible week-long World Youth days held every two or three years on an international level, the celebration of the annual event is fully a responsibility of the various dioceses. But, like every year, the pope makes sure to release a message to the youth of the world.

The message for this year is available at Zenit, and I have used that English translation of the Italian original for my Dutch text. My translation is partly an adaptation, so any inconsistencies or errors are solely my own.

Unsurprisingly, Pope Benedict XVI manages to engage his audience on a  very personal level, speaking to them as if in a personal conversation.

The themes for every edition are always taken from scripture and this year it’s a line from the Gospel of Mark: Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? (Mk 10, 17).