Archbishop Dolan on Sunday

In his blog, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York has published his first message for St. Patrick’s Day. He takes the opportunity to write extensively about the Sunday as the Lord’s Day. Departing from the Jewish Sabbath, Archbishop Dolan goes into much detail about the Sunday being the visible sign of the covenant between God and man, a covenant, he says, which is the very reason of creation. A highly recommended read and, yes, it is also available in Dutch.

Archbishop Dolan, pictured here after his installation last year, is pastoral, charismatic, orthodox and very popular.

One thought on “Archbishop Dolan on Sunday”

  1. Archbishop Dolan is the ultimate politician…..deflect the questions and turn the interview around. Where does he get the idea that the worst sexual abuse is from the married father and when is it ok for a Priest abuser who is supposed to be celibate and unmarried since “he is not as bad as the married parent” ?
    To the Archbishop it’s somehow not such a crime for a Priest to abuse an innocent child because after all the biggest abuser is the married father…..
    When will those guys come out and admit that they are themselves Priests and only much later Bishops….when I might add they have passed the test of being in total accord with the High Priest in the Vatican.

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