Celibacy and fairness

As the abuse crisis developed and increased, the search for a root cause was on. Obviously, no clearheaded thinker would expect to find a simple reason for a social problem as complex as this. Yet, some less clearheaded people do come with their suggestions. Celibacy has been frequently pointed out be a, or even the, cause of sexual abuse of minors. Obviously, this doesn’t even begin to explain why the major part of known abuse cases occur within families, or why other social and professional groups which don’t require their members to be celibate also know abuse cases within their ranks.

A very good rebuttal of these thoughts comes from German forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hans-Ludwig Kröber. Yesterday an interview with him was published in Cicero, a ‘magazine for political culture’. Dr. Kröber is pretty certain about his knowledge when he says: “You are more likely to get pregnant from kissing than become a paedophile because you are celibate”.

At the moment I only have the interview in its original German, but I have it on good authority that an English translation may soon be available. When it is, I’ll link to it.

I found the first mention of this interview at a new website created by the people of Mercatornet: Just B16 is an answer to the very skewed (on purpose or otherwise) media reporting about Pope Benedict XVI. From their first article:

“We feel that ill-informed, unjust and vicious attacks on Benedict’s credibility will ultimately undermine the credibility of human dignity itself. MercatorNet is not a Catholic publication, although the editor and the deputy editor are both Catholics. We have always steered clear of ecclesiastical disputes and doctrinal quibbles. But our rule of thumb has always been to cover religious issues if they appear on the front page of the New York Times. Since the sex abuse scandal has sent the New York Times into a feeding frenzy worthy of the most lurid tabloids, with front-page articles nearly every day (at least in March), we feel that Just B16 is hardly compromising our editorial principles.

“We are unencumbered by starry-eyed naïveté. We accept, with great shame and chagrin, that there are paedophile priests and that there are delinquent bishops and cardinals. But we will try to put these in context and we will refuse to be cowed by bullying, abuse and perverse misinterpretation”.

The last line certainly expresses an intention that certain media outlets can learn from.


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