Stats for March 2010

In total, my blog had some 4,200 visitors last month, making March the best month since I started in January. The total number also crossed the 10,000 threshold in March, now sitting at 10,873.

Most popular posts virtually all concern the communion/homosexuality issue in the Diocese of ‘s Hertogenbosch, and the events that preceded it. Cardinal Simonis statements on TV and (surprisingly) the abuse crisis creep in at the bottom of the top 10. My translation of Msgr. Marini’s speech about the liturgy also saw a resurgence in views.

1: Sacrilege – prayer help needed: 83 views
2: I guess it’s an achievement in someone’s book: 79
3: ”I did not want this disturbance” – Fr. Luc Buyens’ homily: 70
4: Katholiek protest tegen heiligschennis door NCRV: 67
5: An empty apology?: 64
6: Not giving in: 49
7: ”A loaded statement, but true” & Introductie op de Geest van de Liturgie: 46
9: Bishop van Luyn’s big mistake: 45
10: Extraordinary Form in Groningen?: 41

In the search term department, Bishops Hoogenboom and De Korte were popular, as were Haiti, Msgr. Guido Marini and the recent space shuttle missions. Someone also ended up here with the search term “епископ”. Anyone who reads Cyrillic script care to translate?


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