Under the Roman Sky

Only this week did I hear about an upcoming miniseries, titled Sotto il Cielo di Roma (Under the Roman Sky). It deals with the efforts of Venerable Pope Pius XII to protect the Jewish citizens of Rome from Nazi persecution. It stars James Cromwell as the Holy Father.

Could this be just what we need to deter the ongoing misguided reports about the non-action of this pope? Let’s hope so. If one man deserves that the truth of his life be told, it is Pius XII.

The Catholic News Agency reported earlier that Pope Benedict XVI watched the series last Friday. It is not yet know what he thought of it.

For more information, go here.


7 thoughts on “Under the Roman Sky”

    1. Neither have I. I think the producers will be selling it to TV networks who may be interested, much like other movies and television series are sold. That means that the best we as viewers can do is to lobby our networks to purchase this film.

      If it was up to me, I’d have bought it on DVD right away.

  1. a question
    I am a dutch catholic i am very interressed in this movie episode one and two from pope pius xII,with the vatican and the jews,i am a great believer in jesus for me its very important to see this movie but i cant the german language,i cant follow the movie in german language!!!
    Who can help me episode one and two on dvd with DUTCH SUBTITELS
    who can help me on that ,than i can follow the whole movie
    please an answer
    kind regards
    paul rodenrijs
    the netherlands

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