Catholic new media, or, Fr. Roderick meets a fellow in white

Last week, the Italian bishops hosted a conference on new media, called Digital Witnesses: Faces and Languages in the Cross-Media Age. It was a national event, but some international speakers were also there. One of those was my friend Fr. Roderick Vonhögen; with his SQPN media network he is at the forefront of Catholic new media, and that has been noticed in Italy too. To the left he is pictured Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the conference. You can hear Fr. Roderick’s own account of that unexpected meeting in the latest episode of The Break.

The pope didn’t just show up to shake hands with podcasting priests. He also had one or two things to say. Thanks to Zenit his address is now available in English. Keep an eye on this post for the Dutch version, coming soon.


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