Stats for April 2010

April was a good month for visits to my blog. The total was 4,288, making April the best month yet. The total number of visits crossed the 15,000 and now stands at 15,609.

A few peaks in the past month, with the largest one after the plane crash near Smolensk that killed the Polish president and 95 others. My post about Bishop Ploski drew 500 visits. The resignation of Bishop Vangheluwe of Bruges was also a popular topic, of course. My translation of Msgr. Marini’s address about the liturgy remains popular too, coming in at a shared 8th place last month – a welcome surprise once again. Less surprising was the popularity of the two posts about Msgr. Georg Gänswein: for the first time a fan page linked to me… He’s a popular priest, evidently.

1: In memoriam: Bishop Tadeusz Ploski (500 views)
2: Under the Roman Sky (128)
3: Translation of statements about the resignation of the bishop of Bruges (66)
4 Rumours about resignation Belgian bishop – to be updated (63)
5: The Netherlands says no to abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage (55)
6: ”Hij kan beter met een molensteen om zijn nek in zee gegooid worden…” & In Rome: The right-hand man (46)
7: A gentle pope, but rock solid in the execution (42)
8: Introductie op de Geest van de Liturgie – onofficiële vertaling, ”Someone is more likely to get pregnant from kissing than a pedophile because of celibacy” & Bertone’s grain of truth (40)
9: ”It’s exciting!” (34)
10: The nature of church buildings (33)

The search terms were not very surprising last month. In fact, there is none that stands out as unusual. Lots of terms about Bishop Ploski, Bruges, Under the Roman Sky, and also some about STS-131.


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