Rosary for the Bishop

I stumbled across this rather nice initiative today, “a campaign that aims to support Catholic Bishops through prayer of the Rosary”, as the initiators say. The bishops are our shepherds, appointed just like St. Peter was, to look after Christ’s flock (cf. John 21: 15-17) with the pope at their head. As such they don’t always have an easy task. People, like sheep, can be stubborn and deaf to guidance and advice, both within and without the Church. And bishops, being just as human as you and I, can err likewise. That is why they – and we – also need the guidance of the ultimate shepherd: Christ.

So why not join up at that site, promise to pray a Rosary for your bishop (or some extra bishops too). Many American, Canadian and British dioceses and bishops are already included, as is the pope of course, as well as some bishops in Australia, South Africa, Poland, Italy and other countries. I’ve sent the people who run the website a message with the request to include my bishop, Msgr. de Korte, as well, and in the meantime I’ve already promised to pray for the Holy Father. So, see if you’re bishop is already listed, and if not, see if he can be added, and then go and pray from him: that he may remain open to God and to the members of his flock, that he may lead his diocese in union with the world Church, and that he may receive the power of the Holy Spirit to lead and teach in full health and wisdom.