Stats for May 2010

Last month saw a bit of a drop in visitors, which I think is due to some days when I was unable to post much and the mere fact that there simply wasn’t as much news as in earlier months. The blog has a total of 3,437 visits, which brings the total since the start of the year to 18,807. It looks like we may break the 20,000 before the mid-point of the year.

The ten most popular posts were the following:

1: A gentle pope, but rock solid in the execution: 221
2: “Someone is more likely to get pregnant from kissing than a paedophile because of celibacy”: 87
3: Welcome news from the Vatican Information Service: 57
4: Introductie op de geest van de liturgie: 56
5: Cardinal Newman to be beatified by the pope, officially announced: 54
6: Muslim worship in a Catholic church: 49
7: Ascension Day: 46
8: Some facts about the Turin shroud: 43
9: “I did not want this disurbance” – Fr. Luc Buyens’ homily: 41
10: “Religious education should be about Jesus”: 39

The Msgr. Gänswein fan club was out in force. The interview with him and the profile I did were linked from one or two fora and fan sites dedicated to the pope’s personal assistant. In search terms we see that as well: No less than 178 searches on Msgr. Gänswein led people to this blog. Another oddly popular search term was ‘yellow warbler’, used 26 times. And then finally, the upcoming papal visit to the UK in September seems to gain momentum: Cardinal Newman, who will be beatified then, was searched for 33 times.

Lastly, I’m still quite pleased to see that the translation of Msgr. Marini’s address about the liturgy remains popular.


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