The difficult bits of faith

At InsideCatholic, Fr. James V. Schall writes an article on the ‘difficult’ parts of faith, and how these are treated in Catholic education. Or not treated, as the case is.

An interesting text which describes a phenomenon which is certainly not limited to the United States or the English-speaking world.

I offer it in translation here.

3 thoughts on “The difficult bits of faith”

  1. Nice! I don’t know what it is, but I noticed it too: Faith is being turned into a ‘feel-good-theology’. People resort to emotional reasoning and ignore reason.

    I think the Catholic faith is like a mirror for society, a honest one. Looking in that mirror can hurt. A lot of people don’t like hurt and pain and suffering, so they pretend it’s not there. Just like small children do.

    1. I don know whatś up the glasses, but he wears one tinted lens in most photos I could find.

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