Father’s Day

In many countries, today is Father’s Day. Amid the commercial and secular celebration of familial fatherhood, let’s not forget a different kind of fatherhood: the spiritual. All across the world there are men who have been willing to give up having children of their own to be spiritual fathers to many. These are our priests. They may be the chaplain in a small country parish or the administrator of a cathedral. They may be old or young, and of any nationality. Some may be aloof, other very social. They’re just like other people, and at the same time they are not.

They represent among us our real Father. As alter Christi the priests continuously witness of God’s fatherhood over all His creation. This is rarely a walk in the park. So today, as you treat your own father, spare a thought (and perhaps a bit more) to the collared cleric in your life (or outside your life). They deserve it.