A sad goodbye

I’ve known about it a few days, but only today have I been at liberty to write about it. Via their website, the Archdiocese of Utrecht announces the appointment of their new youth worker, Mr. Hao Tran.

I’ve known Hao for a couple of years in his capacity as youth worker for the Diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden, where he has been key in the development of the youth platform which, among other things, sent significant delegations of young people to the World Youth Days in Cologne and Sydney. In my experience, Hao is driven, inspirational and pastoral, knows what he wants and how to get things done. As such he is, I think, the ideal person to repeat in the archdiocese what he has done here: create a solid foundation for youth programs and events for people between 12 and 30.

But we will definitely miss his drive, his knowledge, his inspiration and his person here. But things change, people move on, and what is good for one diocese can certainly positively influence other parts of the Church province as well.

Hao Tran (left) gives catechesis to young altar servers, earlier this year

Stats for June 2010

A few days late, but here they are nonetheless (mostly for myself, I’ll admit)

June was a slightly better month than May, although the news and the topics I wrote about diminished a bit in the second half of the month. 3,652 page views were registered, bringing the total since the beginning of January to 22,582. As I thought, it did indeed cross the 20,000 somewhere around mid-June.

The ten most popular posts were the following:

1: A gentle pope, but rock solid in the execution (167)
2: St. Boniface Day 2010 (130)
3: Ouellet to the Congregation for Bishops (81)
4: The curious case of Bishop Walter Mixa (68)
5: Cardinal Newman to be beatified by the pope, officially announced (62)
6: Introductie op de Geest van de Liturgie – onofficiële vertaling (60)
7: Msgr. De Kesel to Bruges? Wow (54)
8: Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Amsterdam (52)
9: A difficult choice in the voting booth (48)
10: Father Cor Mennen had better look out… perhaps (44)

The high ranking of my post about the St. Boniface Day is mainly due to a link from my favourite Dutch blogger (for a giving value of ‘favourite’), who saw fit to use it as one more tool to attack my bishop, albeit not very convincingly (seriously, I’m suddenly an authority on  how many people attend an event?). Anyway, spike in stats – always nice.

Speaking of bishops, they and other curia members were the trend in the search terms. Msgr. Gänswein (yes, still), Bishop Mixa and the Venerable Cardinal Newman were all popular.

And lastly, can I say how very happy I am to see my translation of Msgr. Marini’s address on the liturgy still lingering in the top 10? Oh, I just did.