Cardinal Kasper’s address on the priesthood

On 5 July, Walter Cardinal Kasper was in the Netherlands to speak at the National Day for Priests event in Den Bosch. His lengthy address has been available via the website of the diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in a translation from Fr. Filip De Rycke, rector of the St. John’s Centre seminary.

Cardinal Kasper spoke about what it means to be a priest today in the light of Scripture and tradition. He specifically focuses on the priest as a servant of joy.

His remarks about clericalism as a sign of weakness have made a few headlines, but that is just one point the cardinal makes, and not even a very important one.

My translation, based upon the one made by Fr. De Rycke, is below in a new format. I decided to use the services of Scribd, simply because I like the way it looks. The fact that it causes fewer layout problems compared to WordPress also helps.