The Church: not very homophobic at all, really

Dutch blogger Beautiful Blues writes about an online test that reveals one’s level of homophobia. He describes the various questions posed and the answers to choose from, and also his reasoning behind the answers he chose. The questions deal with anti-gay demonstrations. homosexuality in other social groups, gay ‘marriage’, punishment for homosexuals, homosexuality and communion (of course), separate Olympics for homosexuals (huh?), and gay rights as parts of development aid.

And what’s the result when answering these questions from a Catholic perspective, as Beautiful Blues and a number of his commenters have done? A homophobia level of 13 to 16%.

Not excessively high, I would say.

3 thoughts on “The Church: not very homophobic at all, really”

  1. The test agrees with you. 😉 It compares us with the Famous Dutchman (FD?) Arie Boomsma, champion of gay rights. 🙂

  2. Yeah, even I, a very orthodox Catholic who is against all forms of sex before and outside marriage*, scored 13% 😀

    * real marriage, i.e. of husband and wive

  3. Then again, the test isn’t very good, since it does equate differences of opinion and understanding with fear.

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