First Dutch Catholic tweetup?

I do think it is, actually. A group of Dutch Catholics active on Twitter have undertaken the effort to organise a meetup with fellow users of social media, all while enjoying a drink or two. Readers of certain blogs, most notably Father Z’s What Does the Prayer Really Say?, will be familiar with the concept, but I haven’t come across a Dutch Catholic tweetup yet.

Time and place are as follows: Saturday 9 October, between 2 and 5 in the afternoon, at Stadscafé Broers in the centre of Utrecht.

Details of the tweetup can be found on the website. The organisers do request you sign up if you want to attend, and you can do that at the website as well.

In the last year, Dutch Catholic activity on Twitter and other social networks has steadily increased, not only in the number of people – clergy and laity – but also in the discussions and conversations taking place. But since online interaction is necessarily limited, it would be interesting to see how a face-to-face meetup works out.

Will I attend? I’m not sure yet, since there are two other cross-country trips that I may undertake in the near future, so I’ll have to see if it is possible to head down to Utrecht in October.

5 thoughts on “First Dutch Catholic tweetup?”

  1. (which brings me to an idea … our wedding will be in a very central area of the country and the church service could serve as part of a meetup of interested Catholics as well – of course I won’t be able to attend afterwards ;), but everyone will have the enormous honour of being able to shake my hand and my husband’s and then you can go off to town 🙂 … Might put up something on my blog some time from now about this!)

    1. Well, suggest it to Isidorusweb or one of the other organisers. Wedding and a tweetup, what’s not to like? 🙂

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