Translation of Archbishop Chaput’s address

On 24 August, so already well over a week ago, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver was in Slovakia, where he addressed the Canon Law Association of that country. His address has been published on the website of the Archdiocese of Denver. Archbishop Chaput spoke on the intolerance of self-proclaimed ‘tolerant’ societies towards Christianity. He lists the root causes and main points of the problem and also offers suggestions for individual Catholics on how to relate to the problem. It’s a fascinating read, which is why I have translated it into Dutch as well; Find the translation via the ‘Translations’ tab above or directly here.


On the way to the priesthood: a blogging seminarian

Since it’s something that I think deserves support, here is some blatant advertising.

Frederick is a Belgian seminarian studying in the Netherlands. In his blog he promises to provide regular updates (in Dutch) about life at the seminary. As far as I know he is the only seminarian who blogs, although there are other seminarians who are active on Twitter and other social networks.

In my opinion, such a blog can serve to increase awareness of seminary life and of the choice to become a priest. On the one hand, there is much to be said for new seminarians to focus on their own private spiritual development in a new environment, especially in the first months. That was something I was told as well about a year ago. But on the other hand, in a country and a time where there are very few seminarians starting every year, the seminaries can’t afford to remain obscure outside certain Church circles. And who better to do the promotion than someone in the thick of things: a seminarian who studies and lives at the seminary?