A black border around next weekend’s festivities

Saturday’s consecration of Bishops Mutsaerts and Liesen will be muted a bit, because of the unexpected death of Father André Uijttewaal in a bicycle accident. Fr. Uijttewaal was parish priest in the town of Hintham, Diocese of ‘s Hertogenbosch. News reports state that the priest fell when he tried to overtake another cyclist. Their bikes’ handlebars got entangled when the other cyclist, a 17-year-old boy, was spooked by Fr. Uijttewaal overtaking him. They both fell, and the priest hit his head on the curb along the bicycle path. Police officers on the scene and the personnel of a trauma helicopter tried to reanimate him to no avail.

Fr. André Uijttewaal was 50 years old, and a priest for 15 years. Bishop Hurkmans expressed shock upon hearing the news and said that Saturday’s Mass will include a remembrance for Fr. Uijttewaal.

It goes to show: life and death are forever intertwined

Recquiesat in pace.

Obituary on the website of the diocese.


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I'm a 37-year-old lay Catholic from the diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden. I write about the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. I not only enjoy bringing selected developments to the attention of readers, but I also think that it is sometimes important to allow a wider audience to read about the state of the Church in the Netherlands. That's why a fair number of posts about that topic will be translations of Dutch articles, episcopal writings and whatever else.

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