Bishop de Jong’s painful truths

Msgr. Everard de Jong, auxiliary bishop of Roermond, has written a letter to the members of the Dutch parliament, in which he calls for a full ban on abortion. Media and MPs are giving him a lot of grief for it, of course, but that is the result of such painful truths. He mentions the 1 million murdered babies since the Pregnancy Termination Act was introduced in 1981, the paradox of condemnation of murdered children and acceptance – even promotion – of the death of the unborn, the arbitrary nature of when a human being is a human being, and the fact that new generations are not allowed life.

It is a passionate and confrontational letter, but also an honest and open one. It’s a sad sign of the times that the instinctive response is one of anger and hate instead of an adult consideration of the points raised by the bishop.

Read the original text (PDF) or my translation.

8 thoughts on “Bishop de Jong’s painful truths”

  1. If the bishop would “raise points” people would listen. Instead the author of the letter – presumably not the bishop – says we killed of those that we want to wash us. That’s not the language of dialogue. It’s the languague of anger and hate. I find the abortion stats horrifying. But I do know that starting a discussion in this country involves making sensible, precautious statements. This letter has done absolutely nothing good for the cause it says to promote.

    1. Yeah, it’s great that a bishop says something about this great injustice, but he should have known better than to use such comparisons, also with ground zero.

    2. I don’t think it’s wrong to hate sin (which abortion unquestionably is), but we have to continue to love the sinner. But how it is communicated is quite another matter. I don’t think this kind of communication will work. Pro life people (at least a lot of them) will applaud it, but pro choice people will just say: hey, they’re a bunch of lunatics, just like we already thought they were. This is no way of convincing ones opponent.

    3. I have to disagree that the language used is one of hate. I can agree that there is some anger in the letter.

      I think that we have reached a stage in this country where careful, measured dialogue does not always achieve the required effects. Sometimes people should be confronted with what is going on: we know that the regular media certainly don’t do that, for example.

      At most, this letter, whoever it was written by, can kickstart a renewed discussion. But in order for that to happen, other Catholics – other Christians in general – need to pick it up and run with it.

  2. Think it is a good letter – people don’t want to listen to rational arguments, and comparissons like this, and with a holocaust, aren’t that untrue. People don’t want to hear that abortion is murder. Yes, the letter has emotion, but emotion comes with this’s about killing our brothers and sisters.

  3. pastor Anton; where is the hate? where is the anger?

    These are not rhetorical questions. I should like to know why you think that is an angry or hate(-filled? whatever the adjective would be) statement.

  4. Any species that destroys its young cannot survive. You don’t need to be an RC, Christian but just human to understand this.

    If cattle start aborting their foetuses farmers & scientists become greatly alarmed, realizing that this is not Nature’s way. How much more so when humans do this on such a vast scale. Never in human evolution has this ever happened before. Extinction can only be the logical result.

    How beautiful it would be if Holland lead a global realization that abortion is utterly utterly wrong, inhuman and just plain stupid for a species. Abortion will lead to a collapse of the West and soon. We need to wake up the women of Europe & America & show them that they have been totally misled & deceived by this ghastly practice.

    We need more people like the Bishop to stand up & tell it as it is. A few pictures of aborted babies might help but that is probably not allowed.

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