Something rotten

There is plenty going on among Catholics in the Netherlands, but I wonder if I have much to contribute to it via this blog.

First there are the developments that followed Bishop de Jong anti-abortion letter (which I discussed here earlier), which now mainly revolves around liberal politician Jeanine Hennis and Katholiek Nieuwsblad editor Mariska Orbán. Mrs. Hennis was among the more vocal politicians to negatively respond to the bishop’s letter, and yesterday Mrs. Orbán sent a public letter to Mrs. Hennis trying to explain her anti-abortion position. More things happened, but that’s the long and short of it. The essence of the issue, the practice of abortion, is now completely swamped with emotional responses and thoughtless behaviour from letter-writers and online Catholics alike. It’s once more what the Catholic blogosphere does best: arguing and infighting.

I think I can be excused for not wanting to be associated with that too much.

The other big issue, that of the infighting in the Dutch Latin Liturgy Society, seems to be more a case of egos than of anything substantial. There are vague accusations being thrown about of mismanagement, and threats of sharing the whole internal communication of the past year with the wide world. Also not something to be applauded for its ethical merits.

Apparently everything needs to be as public as possible. Maybe there’s a misguided sense of ‘the public have a right to know’. Well, as far as internal processes, be they positive or negative, go, I do not need to know it all. Instead, I trust that those responsible do their work, and do not need me, as Joe Public, to hold their hand and give them my blessing every step of the way.

Public sharing of things, of important issues, is a good thing. But not everything is important enough to be shared. There is such a thing as private communication.