Archbishop Léonard’s explanations

In a move that perhaps shows that Archbishop Léonard is better off without a spokesman like Jürgen Mettepenningen, the archbishop of Brussels published a letter in which he explained the three points on which he has been the subject of relentless attack in the past weeks. The Dutch text of the letter is available as a PDF file here, and I provide an English translation, as usual, here. It is a serious letter that deserves to be read in its entirety and taking for what it is worth. It requires an objective eye unclouded by the misconceptions and emotion that have prevailed in the media. Msgr. Léonard is both a more challenging author and a more intelligent one than most of the writers of newspaper and website articles. With a topic that is an unpopular one for the unforgiving god of modern liberal secularism, this letter asks us to use our own heads and not simply drift along with the waves of political correctness and blind emotion.

Drifting along leads to shameful sights like in this video, which shows the archbishop being slapped in the face during a liturgical celebration.