Bishop Mutsaerts’ homily translated

I have translated the homily that Bishop Mutsaerts gave at the Catholic Youth Day on 7 November. It may be read here and via the link on the Translations page. It is a homily noticeably aimed at a young audience, but it’s not simplified for that. No, Bishop Mutsaerts makes some good statements, and one of those has yet gone unnoticed in the articles that quote from it. In his penultimate paragraph, he writes:

“Give faith the chance to grow. Do not say: Listen Lord, your servant speaks. No, first say: Speak Lord, your servant listens. Pray with confidence, celebrate the Eucharist faithfully, do not settle for cheap alternatives in your parish. Do you really want to experience God’s love? Do you really want to know if it is true: in the future, DO as Him. Do you want to know something about God’s love: look up towards the cross. Do you really want to be part of His church? Then be consistent. Despite the consequences.”

The text in bold is emphasised by me, but it touches on a very real issue in the Dutch Church, and in a way that no Dutch bishop has yet so clearly done. Least of all to an audience of children and young people.

Kudos to Bishop Mutsaerts for such inspired, honest and intelligent words.

For Dutch readers is the homily available in a number of places, for example here.