Time to stop supporting PETA

The reason? This:

While I actually agree with PETA when they say we should treat our animals well (even when we proceed to kill and eat them), and that we shouldn’t keep any creature for cosmetics and fur, they have crossed the line of fairness, honesty and good taste here. In the first place, they perpetuate the myth that Pope Benedict XVI has allowed the use of condoms, and, secondly, they ridicule the sensitivities of Catholics everywhere. I wonder what the outcry would be if an image of an imam or rabbi were used in the ad?

BUT (yes, it’s an important one), the response from Catholic bloggers has hardly been any more laudable. Thomas Peters and Father Z both suggest that the response of choice should be to go out and eat more meat… As if it’s the animals’ fault that PETA is a bunch of loonies without a proper sense of respect for others.

Out with the PETA-loonies, in with good sense and common decency.

2 thoughts on “Time to stop supporting PETA”

  1. I coudn’t agree more, but I have to add that I’ve always thought the animal rights ideology to be quite misguided (I wanted to write “ludicrous”, but that wouldn’t be very respectful either;)). About the suggestions of Father Z and Thomas Peters: the Church does not approve of harming one’s body, eating more meat than we (in the Western world) already do amounts to just that. So they are also misguided.

  2. I wonder why people can’t “offend” anybody except if the target is a catholic. I’m so fed up of being a target of the maniac of the word. It’s beyond comprehension why they think is good and political correct (they like this sentence) to offend the Catholic Church, it’s members and the Pope. Enough!

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