Cædmon’s Hymn

For a student of English with a fondness for (language) history, this is akin to a slice of fried gold:

Cædmon’s Hymn is the oldest English poem by a named author, related to us by St. Bede the Venerable. In the 7th century, the time in which the poem was created, English didn’t really sound the same as today…

Tip of the hat to Mark Shea.

Deetman releases first report and does not pull punches

This morning, during a press conference, the Deetman Commission released their first official report relating to the abuse crisis in the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. The 74-page document offers an overview of the aid available to victims in the past 15 years via Hulp & Recht, and it is not mild in its criticism. Essentially, the Commission finds, the intentions and professionalism was present, but practice and procedure were sorely lacking. Neither Hulp & Recht nor the bishops come away scot-free: in an overview of meetings that the Commission had with victims, Archbishop Eijk is named twice for not following professional advice in a specific abuse case, and Bishop de Korte is also mentioned for making promises that the Church was unable to keep. The fact that these two bishops were even specifically mentioned speaks volumes, I think.

Not surprisingly, the Deetman Commission proposes a complete overhaul of the aid system in place now. Hulp & Recht even needs to change its name, since it has offered neither help nor justice.

The full report may be downloaded here (with a tip of the hat to Isidorusweb).

Photo credit: Valerie Kuypers/ANP