The footballing bishop’s Christmas address

Sometimes speeches or homilies are simply good; somehow they work, their separate parts come together to form one whole that manges to reach its audience. Let that be the very subject that Bishop Rob Mutsaerts spoke about in his address during the Christmas concert at the cathedral of St. John on Monday.

Bishop Mutsaerts is a good homilist – his appointment and consecration is mere months ago, but his voice is a clear one for those who want to listen. Especially now that he replaced Bishop Hurkmans, the ordinary, who is on sick leave.

In this address, the bishop focusses on the hope that Christmas brings, especially in how it always manages to work: how things come together. He likens this to the ‘goal moments’ in football (real football, also called soccer). Bishop Mutsaerts is a football trainer himself.

An English translation is, naturally, available.