“No need for discussion”

Impression of the March for Life in Washington DC

In the week that Catholics in the United States march for life, a minor pro-life/abortion discussion erupts among Dutch Catholics and others on Twitter. Several political parties have made proposals about lowering the maximum age of unborn children being killed through abortion. Katholiek Nieuwsblad editor Mariska Orbán-de Haas – who has made quite a splash in the (social) media since her appointment – makes no secret of her pro-life attitude, going so far as to personally address politicians about their opinions and actions against life. Bishop de Jong’s letter to all members of parliament was the first major trigger of that.

Today, she addressed former GreenLeft head Femke Halsema on the topic. The political left prides itself on tolerance and openness, but today, in the voice of Halsema, shows its other side.

Femke Halsema

Mrs. Orbán-de Haas was joined by others in addressing Ms. Halsema about her anti-life attitude, and while I can understand that that may come across as some sort of attack (although a politician should be used to that), the response was firmly unsatisfactory: “No need for discussion”.

In a nation where abortion is increasingly considered as a right and a normal part of health care, there is most certainly a need for discussion, especially when that country and its leaders pride themselves on their tolerance.