More episcopal EF Masses

Bishop Kozon

It seems that the FSSP-run St. Agnes church in Amsterdam is building upon the success of the first episcopal Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Netherlands, last August. Their website announces that this year a bishop and a cardinal will come to offer Mass in this form. In August, of course, Nuncio Archbishop Bacqué presided over a Mass, rather than celebrate it.

On Passion Sunday, 10 April, Bishop Czeslaw Kozon of Copenhagen will offer the Mass, and on 17 September Raymond Cardinal Burke will be the celebrant. The latter date marks the five-year anniversary of the re-introduction of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at St. Agnes.

It took a while, but I think it can be said  the EF is fairly well rooted in the Dutch Catholic landscape. Not only is the St. Agnes host  to prelates (albeit foreign ones) coming to preside at or offer the EF Mass, in Utrecht the cathedral administrator also offers Mass in both forms, and the Tiltenberg seminary offers a course for priests and seminaries to learn the older form. In other dioceses, individual priests have learned or are learning as well. It’ll be interesting to follow the development over the coming years.