Another timely reminder

As the behaviour of certain people on the digital continent continues to spiral downwards, reminders like this are necessary, although they’ll undoubtedly lead to the exact “irresponsible demagoguery” that it attempts to correct. Following Pope Benedict XVI and various other prelates, priests, and lay Catholics, it is now Donald Cardinal Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, who speaks about the bond between truth and love, especially in the media and in public. He specifically mentions blogs, as well.

The cardinal’s article, which is available via the excellent Whispers in the Loggia, was originally published in The Catholic Standard and is available in Dutch here.

70-year-old Donald William Cardinal Wuerl has been the archbishop of Washington since 2006. Before that he held the see of Pittsburgh since 1988 and since 1985 he was an auxiliary of Seattle. He was made a cardinal during the latest consistory in November.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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I'm a 37-year-old lay Catholic from the diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden. I write about the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. I not only enjoy bringing selected developments to the attention of readers, but I also think that it is sometimes important to allow a wider audience to read about the state of the Church in the Netherlands. That's why a fair number of posts about that topic will be translations of Dutch articles, episcopal writings and whatever else.

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