A spiritual bouquet for the pope

Father Z started an initiative of support for the Holy Father. He proposes a ‘spiritual bouquet’ for the pope. You can participate by going to this page on Father Z’s blog and indicating in the poll what your contribution is to support Pope Benedict. You can vote once per 24 hours until the 19th of March, which is the feast day of Saint Joseph, the ‘name day’ of the pope.

Being pope is never a light duty. Today, the 264th successor of Saint Peter is the visible head of a 1 billion+ strong Church, exercising his ministry as universal pastor. He has many who support him, visibly and invisibly, but also many who work against him, again visibly and invisibly. The most powerful forms of support go sometimes unnoticed. So it is with prayer; the direct relationship between man and God bypasses the radar of all around us, but works unlimited.

Take a minute to pop over to Father Z’s blog and offer your support for the Holy Father.