In September, first Dutch bishop to attend EF Mass

For the first time since the introduction of Summorum Pontificum in 2007, a Dutch bishop will be present at the celebration of a Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The bishop in question is Msgr. Josef Punt, ordinary of Haarlem-Amsterdam, and the Mass will be offered by Raymond Cardinal Burke. Bishop Punt will attend in choir, meaning he will be present in the sanctuary, but as part of the congregation.

Cardinal Burke, as I have written here previously, will offer this Mass at the St. Agnes church in Amsterdam. Later that afternoon he will be a keynote speaker about the Church and Summorum Pontificum after Vatican II.

The presence of Bishop Punt is a first in the Netherlands. None of the active bishops (ordinaries or auxiliaries) have yet celebrated or attended a Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Latin rite. Most dioceses now have at least a few priests who are able to celebrate this form, even though regular celebrations are still relatively rare. Important churches in this regard are the St. Agnes and the St. Willibrord in Utrecht (where the cathedral administrator is well-versed in the Extraordinary Form). The cathedral of St. Joseph in Groningen is, as far as I know, the only Dutch cathedral where a regular EF Mass is offered (every second Sunday of the month).

Bishop Punt’s attendance, however, does not come out of the blue. During his time in the seat of Haarlem (since 1998 as Apostolic Administrator and since 2001 as ordinary) he has welcomed the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter to his diocese, given them the parish of St. Agnes as a working base, and recently gave them permission to open a religious house at the same St. Agnes. Students at the diocesan seminary at the Tiltenberg are also able to study the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

The Mass offered by Cardinal Burke and attended by Bishop Punt will start at 10. The cardinal’s address will begin after the Mass, no earlier than noon.


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    Ecclesia Dei Netherlands (
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