Blessed John Paul II

God our Father,

We thank you for the many years that you have given us the blessed Pope John Paul II as shepherd of Your Church. We remember with gratitude his powerful witness of the faith. With the courage of Saint Paul and the faith of Saint Peter, he proclaimed the Gospel to the far corners of the world, until the end.

At the heart of his proclamation was the Message of Your merciful love. He not only showed us that love, but also lived it for us as an example, especially with the power of spirit with which he carried his heavy suffering. Numerous people, among them so many young people, saw in him a striking similarity with Jesus, Your Son, the Good Shepherd who gave His life for His flock.

God, our Father, on the intercession of this blessed Pope John Paul, we now pray you: let the breath of Your Holy Spirit give new life to Your Church.
Purify us, the members of Your Church, of all our shortcomings and all our sins. Unite us all in solid faith in You. Enkindle in us the fire of hope in Your eternal Kingdom, and awake in us the love that goes out to all, without distinction.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Saviour, pray for us. Like the blessed Pope John Paul we place our lives completely under your protection, Mother of Mercy.


[Translation of the prayer published by the Diocese of Roermond, on the occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul II]