A hermit in the movies

“A reflective documentary about the human movement between wanting something really bad and stubborn reality”. That is how the short (25 minutes) documentary about Brother Hugo, that was filmed in September, January and March, is described on the official website.

The film, shot in 16mm to enforce a higher level of concentration for the makers, will be shown on three days (28, 29 and 30 June) at the Keep an Eye Filmacademy Festival in Amsterdam. An invitation-only première will take place two days earlier.

Brother Hugo is the only diocesan hermit in our diocese living in a small country church that was converted into a hermitage and shrine of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed. He has been there for over a decade and has since become a fixture of village life in the small hamlet of Warfhuizen. Despite his secluded life, Brother Hugo has been the focus of much media attention over the years, and also contributes himself via blogs and articles he writes on various topics.

I am curious to see the picture this documentary paints of such an unfamiliar life, unfamiliar especially here in the north. I have little doubt that a DVD will be available later via the Guild of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed, or directly at the hermitage.

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