Travelling with the bishops

The Dutch Catholic youth portal Jong Katholiek reveals the names of the bishops who will be travelling to Madrid and take care of the three morning catechesis sessions during the World Youth Days. Speaking about topics related to the theme of this edition of the massive youth event, ‘Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith’, are Bishop Everard de Jong, auxiliary of Roermond and also responsible for the pastoral care to the youth; Bishop Hans van den Hende, recently installed bishop of Rotterdam; and Archbishop Wim Eijk of Utrecht. Three bishops who are not only experienced with youth events, ut who also enjo speaking to youth. De Jong is the enthusiastic science teacher, Van den Hende the friend who listens as much as talks and Eijk the college professor who knows a lot about a lot.

Bishops de Jong and Van den Hende during the World Youth Days of 2008 in Australia.

Also travelling down to Spain are four other Dutch bishops: Msgr. van Burgsteden (auxiliary, Haarlem-Amsterdam), Msgr. Woorts (auxiliary Utrecht), Msgr. Hurkmans (‘s Hertogenbosch) and Wiertz (Roermond).


2 thoughts on “Travelling with the bishops”

  1. Excellent choice, can’t think of a better trio. In Sydney Mgr. vd Hende gave everybody a present during his talk. A keychain with some of his favorite bibleverses. Maybe he will bring another present :P!

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