Lombardi on the third generation of the World Youth Days

Late last night I made a translation of a short editorial from Fr. Federico Lombardi about the World Youth Days. I initially did so to share with other young people of my group going to Spain in little more than a week, but I figured I could put it up here as well. Not least because I have been lacking when it comes to translations lately.

Fr. Lombardi writes about the three generations involved with the WYD, a topic first breached by Cardinal Rouco Varela. He characterises each generation very simplistically, and identifies the current one as “the generation of the internet and social networks, the youth of the digital age”. A moniker that fits in very well with the recent Vatican focus on social media.

The editorial may describe for everyone a challenge to focus on during their weeks in Spain, and to take home afterwards.

Photo credit: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images