World Youth Days on TV, and my personal blogging plans

Despite the fact that some 1,400 young people from the Netherlands will be travelling to Madrid for he World Youth Days, Dutch national television devotes a minimum of time to the event. Then again, in light of looming budget cuts for small networks (recently protested against by Bishop Frans Wiertz on behalf of the Catholic network, RKK), this is perhaps all we can hope for.

Alongside their own travel pans, the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam presents the following list of tv programmes devoted to the World Youth Days.

  • Wednesday 10 August, 17:05: The way to Madrid.
  • Monday 15 to Friday 19 August, 17:05: WYD Madrid
  • Sunday 21 August, 9:05: Report of the Stations of the Cross and the Vigil, followed by a report on the closing Mass.

Of course, all this will pass me mostly by, because I’ll be in Spain those weeks. In that time, there will also be no blogging. At the most, I’ll send a Tweet or two every once in a while, but that’s a big maybe. The main reason is that I won’t be able (or, frankly, willing) to lug a laptop or computer with me. The second reason, which flows from the first, is that I want to experience those days without thinking about blogs and social networks.

Of course, I will be taking notes. Initially just for myself, but who knows what I’ll end up doing with them…

Archbishop Dolan explains the Vatican

In a recent blog post, Archbishop Timothy Dolan asks us to consider who we are blaming for the things we don’t like in the Church. Too often, ‘the Vatican’ is presented as issuing big bad doctrines and displaying an unwillingness to adapt to the times. The archbishop of New York explains how it really works.

I would think this is good summer reading for disobedient priests, subjective journalists and all others who are somehow active in the Church, but really seem to have no clue what that Church is.

Also available is my translation.