Archbishop Dolan explains the Vatican

In a recent blog post, Archbishop Timothy Dolan asks us to consider who we are blaming for the things we don’t like in the Church. Too often, ‘the Vatican’ is presented as issuing big bad doctrines and displaying an unwillingness to adapt to the times. The archbishop of New York explains how it really works.

I would think this is good summer reading for disobedient priests, subjective journalists and all others who are somehow active in the Church, but really seem to have no clue what that Church is.

Also available is my translation.

3 thoughts on “Archbishop Dolan explains the Vatican”

  1. Words of wisdom indeed! Thanks for making Msgr. Dolan’s blogpost available in Dutch as well. Archbishop Dolan explains in plain language what is within the authority of the Church and what isn’t after yet another attack by people who at least don’t seem to have a clue about what the church really is. An example to be followed.

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