Before Liempde, Bishop Mutsaerts outlines his points

Bishop Mutsaerts takes his stand

One day before Bishop Rob Mutsaerts is to meet with the parish council and parishioners of Liempde, to discuss their actions regarding Father Norbert van der Sluis, the diocesan website features an article from the auxiliary bishop.

In it, Msgr. Mutsaerts repeats much of the 2005 text from the bishops regarding euthanasia and pastoral care. These points are, I think, well worth repeating, since few people seem to be aware of them. The bishop also goes beyond that, and states that Fr. van der Sluis “judged and acted correctly” in not allowing a Church funeral for a man who died because of freely chosen euthanasia.

The closing paragraph of the article, which you can read in my translation here, is gained to dispel the claims of people who were keen to call the Church loveless and judgemental (claims which still keep appearing in newspapers and other media):

[T]he Church judges moral actions. That is her duty. She judges this in accordance with the Bible. The Church never judges a person. At all times, she leaves that to God’s mercy. Every pastoral action is aimed at the salvation of souls. That is why it is the duty of the Church to underline God’s love, so that man would entrust himself to God’s love. It would be loveless if the Church would support ways that do not lead people to God.


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