A thank you note from the archbishop

Archbishop Wim Eijk of Utrecht has written a kind letter to all participants in the archdiocesan delegation to the World Youth Days in Madrid. His Excellency expresses his gratitude to all, including the priests and other organisers of the two-week endeavour. Recognising the return to daily life, the archbishop also writes that he hopes that we bring something good back from the World Youth Days, informing us that we can always build on the Lord.

A much-appreciated gesture, something that the archbishop was under no obligation to do.

The archbishop and auxiliary Bishop Woorts amid the pilgrims from the archdiocese in Madrid

Photo credit: Jeroen Linderhof

A new online face for the Church

The Dutch Church province, that is.

It’s already been up for  well over a week now, but a new website has been established as the ‘official site of the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands’, as the subtitle reads. In part a portal for official publications from the bishops’ conference, and in part a hub for other Catholic websites (the youth portal, the Catholic broadcaster RKK and the sexual abuse aid agency, to name but three), the new website has been split of from the older collective website of conference and broadcaster.

In essence, these two websites now offer a clear distinction between what RKK has to offer on television, radio and Internet. and what the bishops’ conference has to say about current affairs. I would also love to see a development along the lines of what the USCCB does with media, albeit, of course, on a smaller scale. We’re still waiting for our first blogging bishop, after all.