Reunion and hopeful signs

Yesterday I attended a reunion of the Amigos en Cristo group, six weeks after our return from Spain.  The afternoon’s program was a varied one,including workshops, a period of Adoration, lunch and a simple dinner and of course ample opportunity to catch up with the friends made on the way to and in Spain.

For me, one of the most inspiring moments took place during a group presentation in which a representative of each of the nine subgroups presented some items that the members of the group would like to see developed in the coming youth platform season. From several groups, it became clear that there is a strong desire for clear and accessible Catholic information on the Internet; not just about upcoming events (although the use of Facebook for that purpose certainly took an enormous flight since the World Youth Days) but certainly also about faith and Church. Many young people want better and more catechesis about their faith, and they see a clear role for the Internet in that respect. Listening to the wishes, suggestions and embryonic plans to develop such things got me very enthusiastic.

The existing online Catholic youth platforms may be developed to include catechesis resources from all kinds of other, explanations about Catholic teaching, current events from a Catholic point of view and such things as the liturgy, the rituals, prayer life, the hierarchy and such. There is a desire for that. And the future of the Church in the Netherlands needs to see such desires fulfilled.


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