Writing for Advent – Bishop Wiertz about the new evangelisation

Prepared to be read out at Masses this coming weekend, the Advent Letter from Bishop Frans Wiertz of Roermond sees the light of day. In it, the senior ordinary of the Netherlands focusses on a topic dear to the pope’s heart and of major importance for the Church in western Europe today: the new evangelisation. The bishop considers an active role of the faithful in society very important in that regard:

“In our concrete encounters of every day we must not be afraid to discuss what deeply motivates us from within. As faithful, we can not withdraw from public life. In the process of evangelisation we must all keep on searching for a visible place in society. People of our time are industriously searching for spirituality, to inwardness. He or she must then be given the chance to hear the voice of the Gospel in all freedom.”

Read my translation here.

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