The sorrow of Liège

In the face of such horror as was inflicted upon the city of Liège yesterday, what can we do but be silent, pray and offer our, often intangible, support?

Inhuman and indiscriminate violence has caused death and terror in the heart of our good city of Liege. What unnecessary and unacceptable suffering! To the victims, bereaved families, the people in shock, I express my sympathy and moral support. All have a place in the prayers of Christians of the diocese. I want to thank the law enforcement, emergency services and civil authorities for their courage and commitment.

+ Aloys Jousten
Bishop of Liège

The Sant’Egidio Community has announced that it will dedicate their time of prayer this Tuesday, December 13 , to victims of the shooting. The invitation stands to join them at the church of Saint-Barthélemy at 8pm.

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