Sharia court in India accuses Dutch priest of ‘forced conversion’

He is 80 years old, and for 49 of those years he has been a missionary in India. 21 of those years were spent, in two periods, in the overwhelmingly Muslim state Jammu and Kashmir.

Dutch priest Jim Borst, of the Mill Hill Missionaries, together with Protestant clergyman C. M. Khanna, has been convicted by a sharia court in Jammu and Kashmir of forcibly converting people to Christianity. Father Borst had been told by the government to leave India in 2010, but has gone into hiding instead.

A local mufti has announced the verdict and said that a punishment will be announced later this week. India does not recognise the sharia courts in Jammu and Kashmir.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the verdict is quite bogus…

One thought on “Sharia court in India accuses Dutch priest of ‘forced conversion’”

  1. Well, I don’t trust kangaroo courts as a matter of principle. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is developing in the direction of neighbouring Pakistan, so the future for Christians (and other religious minorities) is becoming bleaker and bleaker.

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