Still learning

Reports in the news today that the bishops are thwarting the handling of abuse cases and that the Church is avoiding responsibility. Victims association KLOKK claims to have received 75 claims of this happening. 75 out of thousands. They also say that Church leader eagerly make use of objecting to complaints deemed well-founded by the special commission. Bishops and superiors are said to use the excuse of not being able to find any evidence of specific abuse cases in their archives.

True or not – and it must be noted that in certain cases evidence will be hard to come by – there still seems to be a gap between victims and Church. This is made worse, it must be said, by the seemingly adversarial attitude of associations such as KLOKK. Are they perhaps becoming more like obstacles now that the abuse has been acknowledged and revealed to the world? Maybe more can be gained in direct personal contact between victims, bishops and superiors, meetings that several bishops have already had, since well before the publication of the Deetman report.

Just some idle thoughts. But be that as it may, I think we can all agree that the Church must continue to learn to deal with this crisis and, most importantly, to unwaveringly be there for the victims.

One thought on “Still learning”

  1. Questions: How long ago is it that these cases happened?
    Are victims accusing the church of Jesus Christ of to-day which may have other members than the church of the accused?
    Is not there provision in the RC church to help solve the prolems? I think of the apostolic signature headed by HE Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke whom I met two times.
    What are the aims of all these outsiders interfering with the RC church?

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