The return of the donation button – the whys and wherefores

In the bar on the left side of this blog, watchful readers will have spotted the return of the Paypal donation button. After some initial difficulties getting it to work properly, I decided to get it up and running again and ask my much-appreciated readers to consider a donation to keep this blog, and associated activities, up and running. For me, this blog is the main vehicle for my efforts to offer Catholic opinion and information from the Netherlands, surrounding countries and Rome to the wider world, be that near or far. Since nothing in this world, apart from the mercy of our Lord, comes for free, and considering the fact that some other bloggers, including some which I consider examples, do the same, I want to offer readers the chance to donate to the cause of good Catholic information about the Church in this part of Europe.

I am most certainly not asking for money, or charging people to read my stuff. No, that donation button is nothing more than a means for readers to show their appreciation if they so choose, be it for my scribblings or the purpose I have in keeping this blog running. You don’t have to donate, but you’re welcome to do so, any amount you choose.

What will happen with your donations? In the first place, it’ll be traded for time. Time to write, time to study, time to work in God’s vineyard in my own small way. If you want your donation to be spent on some specific thing, you can specify that in your payment.

I will also keep all who donate, and their intentions, in my prayers.

Lastly, if you want to donate something, but not necessarily to this blog, please consider Father Roderick’s Vastenaktie project for school children in Ethiopia. Click on the purple button to donate. To learn more, listen to his Inside Ethiopia podcasts, chronicling his recent trip to the African country, to find out the details.

PS: As the first donation has arrived, let me thank the kind and generous reader responsible. You are in my prayers.

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